30. Mai 2008

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offener internationaler Wettbewerb

in Zusammenarbeit mit Uwe Brederlau

Landschaftsarchitektur: Anna Viader Soler, Francesca Venier

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Concept/Urban Design
The whole area is separated into different areas with characters and atmospheres, functions and activities, tightness and constructions, which are matched. Differentiated tree structures which comprise the area at the sides create a form for the system of clear space. Between Marina and Reservoir, an architectonic structure with several levels has been designed, which on the one hand separates these from each other (different water level), on the other hand displays the reference to the common topic of Waterfront (Zone A + B).
The Olympic Expressway leads through a clearly shown gate at its north which refers to “Magok Waterfront”. In connection with the opposite side with the buildings to the west, another situation comes up as a clear gate for Waterfront and Marina. This makes the reference to space to Han River, which can be clearly recognized from the Olympic Expressway (fast running vehicles) and from Hangang.
These building structures have the additional task of integrating the train path of the Incheon International Airport Railroad and to give it an appropriate tunnel to integrate it into the total concept. On the west side, Marina is associated by a promenade with representative character and leads from the river into the Lake Park.
For the area on the west side between Marina and Seonam Sewage Treatment Plant (Zone D), buildings with apartments and flats on several levels with service levels have been proposed. Here an urban space system will be created which includes Marina. The western area is crossed by a system of public spaces, channels and places, which have a reference to Marina as well as to Han River with terraces above the Olympic Express Way. Lake Park to the South of Yangcheon-gil is comprised of the constructions (Zone C), which are a graduated transition to the adjoining Magok Development Area in the East and West. The building construction has a distinctive space, closing in the West and East in the area of the infrastructure provisioning. In the direction to the park, inclinable levels connect the buildings with the park landscape and the free space. Partly in the West higher buildings are integrated, which continue to the promenade at the river and support the space reference to Hangang.
In the South of the park, the Hangang Ecology Museum is planned with its shape like a solitaire in a dialog with Han River. By merging into the Magok Development Area, the buildings with apartments, flats on several levels and rooms for different uses (living and working) follow.
Infrastructure facilities (waste incinerator, Gayang Substation and heat fusion generators, etc.) are in the East of the park (Zone E) at Yangcheon-Gil.


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